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Lefty Journalist Allegedly Contracts Scabies After Visiting Occupy LA Camp


"I thought my scabies was just a gnarly poison oak rash..."

Yasha Levine, editor of the Moscow-based "eXiled" website, wrote an article yesterday where he detailed his bout with scabies following a trip to an Occupy camp -- and the two days in a Los Angeles jail he spent as the result of it.

He wrote:

Until a few days ago, I thought my scabies was just a gnarly poison oak rash...For weeks the rash kept getting worse and worse, and I finally went to a doctor to get some relief. But it turned out that poison oak was the least of my worries.

'You have scabies,' said the doc, sucking in his breath through his teeth and shaking his head. It took him no more than 30 seconds to diagnose my condition. 'The track marks are a dead giveaway,' he said, and pointed out a couple of elongated welts about a half-inch long creeping up the side of my right ring finger. These 'tracks marks' were actually burrows made by  mother-parasites as they tunneled right below the surface of my skin and laid eggs in the process. I had dozens of similar track marks of all shapes and sizes on both hands. As I stared at my hands in disgust, the doc moved to the sink and violently scrubbed his hands with medical soap. Our contact was minimal, but he wasn’t taking any chances. And for good reason.

If left untreated, he writes, your skin can turn into a hardened, "crusty scabies super-colony that [can] take months -- even years -- to eradicate."

But what Levine really wanted to know was, where did he contract the disgusting disease?

Scabies has been reported both at Denver and New York Occupy camps, and the incubation period matches up (three months from his visit to the camp, and the appearance of his symptoms).

It is equally likely, though, that Levine just picked up the scabies as the indirect result of his trip to the Occupy camp, contracting the disease in jail.

Either way, his time at the Occupy camp probably didn't turn out quite as Levine planned.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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