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Foreign Service Officer Claims High-Ranking State Dept. Official Engaged In Sex Acts Atop Iraqi Palace

Iraq's Republican Palace (Image source: AFP)

A U.S. foreign service officer has claimed there is video footage of a high-ranking State Department official receiving oral sex on the roof of Iraq's Republican Palace.

Peter Van Buren, who was stripped of his security clearance after the publication of his book, "We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People," made the allegations Wednesday on his blog.

"Meanwhile, a State Department VIP apparently has had sex on an Embassy roof, captured on video, not that that matters," Van Buren wrote in a post titled, "Rule No. 1: It is Poor Judgement to Talk About Fight Club."

In the post, Van Buren described what he claims doesn't count as "poor judgement or lack of discretion" to the State Department, including a foreign service officer having once posed for Playboy or "drunken parties in Islamic war zones" featuring males dressed as women.

Van Buren added:

What if a video existed that showed a prominent State Department VIP on the roof of the Republican Palace in Baghdad receiving, um, pleasure of an oral nature from another State Department officer not his wife, or even his journalist mistress of the time? What if that video has been passed around among Marine Security Guards at the Embassy to the point where it is considered “viral” with many copies made? What if the Deputy Chief of Mission, hand in hand with the Diplomatic Security chief (RSO) at the time, decided that the whole thing needed to be swept under the rug and made to go away, at least until some blogger got a hold of it.

Would that count as poor judgement? What if it was published during his oft-delayed Congressional hearings?

Van Buren -- who didn't name the alleged "VIP" -- is facing termination from the State Department for putting allegedly sensitive and classified material in "We Meant Well," and for linking to WikiLeaks documents on his blog, according to the Washington Post.

According to BuzzFeed, Van Buren in an email declined to elaborate on who he was referring to. BuzzFeed posited he could have meant Brett McGurk, the nominee for next ambassador to Iraq, based on Van Buren's description of the location in the palace and delayed congressional hearings.

The State Department had not responded to Van Buren's claims as of Wednesday afternoon.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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