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Under Siege? Residents Advised to Leave Chicago Property Out of Fear of Violence at NATO Summit


"Lack of concern about this city period, about the damage that could potentially occur here."

Chicago residents in at least one downtown residential tower have been warned that upcoming NATO summit protests could spark riots and cause major property destruction, forcing their building to take draconian security measures.

Based on protest of similar summits in the past (see photos below), the Chicagoans may be well-advised to be ready for dangerous days ahead. Occupy Wall Street-affiliated protestors have been preparing for the NATO summit for months, and showdowns with the local police appear likely.

At least one Chicago property manager is advising residents to find another place to stay. Those who choose to batten down the hatches and remain will have limited access to their own property, and will not be allowed to have guests under any circumstances.

Similar security measures are likely to be deployed at many downtown Chicago homes as the event approaches. WLSTV has more details:

Armed off duty police officers have also been hired to check identification of everyone coming in and out of this building. According to WLS-TV, "there could be even more limitations once the secret service releases its own security measures closer to NATO weekend."

"In order to get into the building we need to have ID ready to be prepared for garages not to be accessible," building resident Ron Pitelka said. "Extra security, which is an extra expense that we are not excited about, that is basically falling on all of the taxpayers."

Other restrictions, such as a complete ban on moving and limits to garage access, will be enacted by the building's management. And those with dogs are particularly concerned about when they will be able to safely walk their canine companions.

"I think that this shows the lack of concern about this city period, about the damage that could potentially occur here," said Pitelka. "All you need to look at is what has happened in the past with the NATO and G8 summits, and the riots going on in the places that they've held it."

It seems the Occupy movement is making a comeback. If you want to read about where this is all going, read Occupy American Spring, the Making of a Revolution.

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