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Beck & The Blaze's Buck Sexton Expose the Real Forces Behind Occupy Wall Street


He spent more than his "fair share" of time at the encampments.

On Wednesday morning, The Blaze's national security expert and former CIA analyst Buck Sexton, appeared on Glenn Beck's radio program to discuss his new book on the Occupy movement, "Occupy: American Spring."

Sexton, who spent more than his "fair share" of time among the Wall Street Occupiers, came to know the real influences, ideologies and goals of those who comprise the volatile movement -- from the reformers who make up its softer side, to the neo-Marxists and outright anarchists who embody Occupy's more militant sect.

Of note, Sexton observed that mainstream media has featured the movement as merely a group of disaffected citizens who are fighting the good fight against income inequality. But they are not getting the entire picture.

He explained to Beck that when "MSNBC shows up" to interview members of Occupy, the narrative spun is typically the familiar meme: "Wall Street got bailed out while Main Street was left holding the bag." What is not being heard is the vitriol espoused by the other two-thirds of the movement, including its  "black bloc" anarchists who advocate violence against police officers for no reason other than their deep-seated animus for law enforcement.

If you think you know Occupy, watch the interview below and be sure to read Sexton's in-depth analysis. What you learn may shock you.

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