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Chilling Plea at 'Occupy' DC: Speaker - If I'm Arrested 'I Want You to Start Killing M*****F*****s!


Plus the Ultra-Violent 'Trayvon Rap' (Language Warning.)

H/T : Nate at OccupyEye

Multiple speakers preached explicit violence at the Occupy The Justice Department rally in Washington DC Tuesday.  Speeches at this event were focused on Trayvon Martin and freedom for radical journalist and convicted cop killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Rapper Jay Sun began the rally with a violence-laden plea: "I would just ask, if I ever go locked up or incarcerated, please don't march for me.  Don't rally for me. I want you to start killing Mother F***ers!"

He went on to explain, "It seems funny, but that's the only thing a Government would listen to," adding, "I would want people who would effectively get the task at hand done."

The rapper was followed by a rap memorial performed in honor of the late Trayvon Martin.  Some of the allegorical lyrics include:

George Zimmerman didn't take his Ritalin/Drunk off adrenaline/says he's making a citizens arrest/Trayvon looks at him vexed/George grabs him/Trayvon swings and connects/Starts crying out for help/Zimmerman sees a threat/so he pulls out his gun and points it at his chest/he fires and he misses/Trayvon begs for forgiveness/but George Zimmerman was so vicious/he made sure the second time he shot him/no survivors/no witness

The rap had a clearly stated message at the end: "The message is: only White life is protected in America."

Activist Pam Africa closed out the event on Pennsylvania Ave. with a rousing speech encouraging people to cast out in vengeance against the "M***er F***er" who "blew the brains out of a brother."  

"Don't push for nothin' you ain't prepared to do,"  Africa lamented. "I have yet to pick up a paper and see where somebody has dealt with a situation where some m***** f***** took aim and blew the brains out of a brother."

Africa followed up with a call for action: "We cannot be up on stage talkin' s**t, that you gonna do something that never f***ing materialize."

The rally eventually moved to the White House where the expletive-laden rant turned into a popular chant: "Obama come out, we got some s**t to talk about!"


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