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GBTV's 'Rumors of War III' Examines Strategic Islamist Penetration of U.S. at The Highest Level


"Any day you could wake up to a nuclear bomb detonated in an American City."

To learn more about tonight's broadcast, "Rumors of War III: Target U.S." click here.

Do Islamic extremist groups still pose a mortal threat to the United States?

Based on recent events, it would seem many senior US officials believe the answer is no. Just this week, the Obama administration claimed that the War on Terror, a catch-all term for the series of post-9/11 conflicts between civilization and violent radical Islam, has come to an end.

But a new GBTV Documentary, "Rumors of War III: Target U.S." shatters this claim. It makes the case that not only has the threat from radical Islam endured-- it is in fact growing and more imminent with each passing day.

Many might wonder how this could be the case considering Bin Laden is dead, and Al Qaeda has been under continued pressure around the world.

As ROW III shows, the problem starts with America's current conception of the radical Islamist enemy, stretches up to the most senior reaches of government, and has allowed a number of strategic-- some even say existential-- threats to magnify against the United States and its citizens.

Rumors of War III makes the case that international Islamist organizations have learned to thrive in the United States as part of a coordinated Psychological Operation. Hardline Islamist groups-- including Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and their mouthpieces in the western media-- have learned to code their language and make arguments about the intent of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood that are seemingly palatable to the average American.

This whitewashing of Islamist ideology is not just meant for general public consumption. A series of national security experts appear on screen in ROW III to describe the long-established radical ties of key Islamic spokesman in the U.S. They name names, often referencing links to a pivotal terrorism finance trial unfamiliar to many Americans.

Have these efforts at Islamist subterfuge and penetration been successful?

Very much so, according to ROW III. In fact, former law enforcement officials and intelligence officers state on camera that they known their colleagues still working in the counterterrorism field have been denied critical information in the name of political sensitivity.

Just as distressing as the suppression of information is the deliberate omission of words and concepts in official government documents under the pretext that they defame Islam. This has created a climate of confusion within government ranks and worse, as an intra-governmental censorship has taken hold of major national security institutions.

As shown in ROW III, those on the front lines of combatting Islamic terrorism are increasingly unable to be frank in their analysis or open with their conclusions. Somewhere along the way, a series of highly-placed advisors to the White House, Department of Defense, and other crucial government agencies have apparently convinced senior U.S. leadership that the mere discussion of radical Islam is inherently an offense to all people of Islamic faith.

So what has this massive, coordinated disinformation campaign led to?

To put it in stark perspective, this unserious approach to the threat means, as renowned author  David Horowitz says,"any day you could wake up to a nuclear bomb detonated in an American City."

Even well short of that horrific scenario, the issues at hand involve major threats to the security of  the United States. ROW III depicts an America that has been lulled in a false sense of safety by the premature declaration of the end of the Global War on Terror (GWOT) and refusal to address the threats both inside and outside of our borders.

Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda outposts from the Maghreb to Yemen continue to plot against the United States externally. And the Muslim Brotherhood works through surrogates and affiliates on U.S. soil to destroy America from within.

As the documentary makes clear, the Islamists' propaganda campaign is not the full extent of their efforts to destroy America. Alongside the disinformation work of groups like CAIR, there are also ongoing kinetic "mass effect" plots against America.

ROW III also takes an in-depth look at the possibility of such catastrophic attacks hitting America through its soft underbelly-- the US-Mexico border. Seasoned border patrol experts describe in detail a series of shocking findings during patrols that indicate Islamic extremist elements have crept into the U.S. and forged strong ties to international organized crime elements, including the brutal Mexican drug cartels.

Meanwhile, discussion of Islamist threats in the media, inside government, and even American courtrooms consistently downplays, obfuscates, or ignores these looming possibilities. Press reports indicate Iran inches closer to a nuclear capability each day, and the Islamization of the Arab Spring is quickly turning the region into an Islamist winter. But much of the media would rather turn their fire on domestic law enforcement for "profiling."

ROW III shows that while America's enemies test ever more lethal devices-- including potential "first strike" weapons-- and openly call for the annihilation of the U.S. and Israel, senior U.S. officials brush of the belligerence of the Ayatollahs and refer to the Muslim Brotherhood as "largely secular."

America has suffered two devastating surprise attacks in the past hundred years: Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Rumors of War III raises the harrowing but necessary question: is our inability to see the Islamist threat for what it is paving the way for a third catastrophic strike?

To learn more about tonight's broadcast, "Rumors of War III: Target U.S." click here.


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