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Guess Where Obama Says He Gets His News: 'I Think Jon Stewart's Brilliant


"It’s amazing to me the degree to which he’s able to cut through a bunch of the nonsens..."

First there was Hillary Clinton saying that she considers the anti-American outlet Al Jazeera "real news." Now there's President Obama saying he gets some of his news from the comedy program "The Daily Show."

Obama revealed his go-to information sources in a cover story for Rolling Stone magazine. In an interview, he was asked what outlets he likes to digest for news outside his inner circle. Jon Stewart made the list:

What do you read regularly to keep you informed or provide you with perspectives beyond the inner circle of your advisers?

[Laughs] Other than Rolling Stone?

That goes without saying.

I don’t watch a lot of TV news. I don’t watch cable at all. I like The Daily Show, so sometimes if I’m home late at night, I’ll catch snippets of that. I think Jon Stewart’s brilliant. It’s amazing to me the degree to which he’s able to cut through a bunch of the nonsense – for young people in particular, where I think he ends up having more credibility than a lot of more conventional news programs do.

I spend a lot of time just reading reports, studies, briefing books, intelligence assessments.


I’ll thumb through all the major papers in the morning. I’ll read the Times and Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, just to catch up.

Do you read Paul Krugman?

I read all of the New York Times columnists. Krugman’s obviously one of the smartest economic reporters out there, but I also read some of the conservative columnists, just to get a sense of where those arguments are going. There are a handful of blogs, Andrew Sullivan’s on the Daily Beast being an example, that combine thoughtful analysis with a sampling of lots of essays that are out there. The New Yorker and The Atlantic still do terrific work. Every once in a while, I sneak in a novel or a nonfiction book.

I thought you were going to say Playboy.

No [laughs].

That's the same Jon Stewart who compared the Occupy movement to the Tea Party and said "if this thing devolves into throwing trash cans into Starbucks windows, nobody’s going to be down with that." And now it has.

(H/T: Poynter)

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