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Liberal Legal Scholar Alan Dershowitz Calls Prosecutor's Affidavit in Zimmerman Case 'a Crime


"You don't indite based on false information."

Things have not been looking good for the prosecution in the case of Trayvon Martin since affidavit written by prosecutor Angela Corey got into the hands of the media. The affidavit has been roundly mocked by pro-Zimmerman observers and greeted either with silence or open horror by pro-Martin observers. In fact, one of the more well-known liberal law professors at Harvard Law School told Megyn Kelley point blank today that the affidavit was so incompetently done it rises to the level of a criminal offense:

“This affidavit,” he said, “submitted by the prosecutor in the Florida case is a crime. It’s a crime. If she in fact knew about ABC News’ pictures of the bloody head of Zimmerman and failed to include that in the affidavit, this affidavit is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”[...]

The prosecution’s goal, Dershowitz explained, is to present all the details and evidence of the case in order to pursue justice, not merely to seek justice solely for one side of the case. And “you don’t indite based on false information,” he told Kelly.

“Now, one of the problems,” he continued, “is because they’ve indited for second degree murder — and there’s nothing in this affidavit that suggests second degree murder, the elements of second degree murder aren’t here — the expectations have been reduced. There’s an article today in one of the… the Daily Beast saying “there’ll be riots in the street if there’s an acquittal.” If there are riots, it’s the prosecutor’s fault. Because she over-charged, raised expectations. No reasonable jury is going to convict based on the evidence I know of second degree murder. So this prosecutor not only may have suborned perjury, she may be responsible if there are going to be riots here for raising expectations to unreasonable levels.”

Probably the most embarrassing part for those crying for a conviction comes when Dershowitz out and out states that "any reasonable judge" would "throw out" the charge of second degree murder.

H/T: Mediaite

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