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Fox News' Jesse Watters Catches Van Jones at Green Festival (& Gets Escorted Out!)


"Both sides should be happy with this president."

Fox News' Jesse Watters is known for his comical and often telling on-the-fly interviews with prominent politicians and relevant sociopolitical figures. Recently, the "O'Reilly Factor" producer headed to the Green Festival in New York City, where he confronted former Obama administration Green Jobs Adviser Van Jones and spoke with countless conference participants.

The scenario ended with Watters being escorted out of the building (yes, literally).

The video starts with Watters talking with numerous conference participants about housing, green energy and the like. One individual proclaims, in reference to discussing more viable housing, that "the future is the past" (meaning that log cabins and other homes of the past are the greener way to approach living).

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Among other interesting products and ideals presented was a $40 lightbulb that lasts 32 years and the notion that recyclable clothing will one day be a reality for Americans.

The most interesting moment in the clip, though, starts around 1:00, when Watters caught up with Jones and asks him, "How do you think the president's doing so far?" The former administration official, of course, is entirely positive about Obama's tenure.

"I think the president's doing very well," Jones said. "Oil production is going up, gas use is going down. Both sides should be happy with this president."

When Watters pressured the green-enthusiast to answer if he's been avoiding going on Bill O'Reilly's television show, Jones evaded the question (click here to see Jones' controversial statements made during a speech at the event).

In the end, the Fox producer and on-camera questioner was asked to leave, as some feared that he was preparing a hit piece that would poke fun at the conference. Instead, Watters showcased a clip that provided honest interviews (including admissions that some in attendance actually tune into the "Factor" quite frequently).

Watch the video, below:

(H/T: Fox Nation)

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