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Michelle Obama: 'We Made History' By Passing Health Care & the Contraception Mandate


"...because we passed this law, insurance companies will now have to cover basic preventive care..."

There has been no shortage of outrage and controversy surrounding the Obama administration's contraceptive mandate, as the Catholic Church, among others, stands firmly opposed to the requirement. But despite the ongoing dispute and concerns over religious freedom, First Lady Michelle Obama praised the mandate at a campaign event on Tuesday evening.

"Two years ago, we made history together by finally passing health reform," Obama proclaimed. "And because we passed this law, insurance companies will now have to cover basic preventive care -- things like prenatal care, mammograms, contraception -- at no extra cost."

Of course, this notion of "no extra cost" only applies to the women receiving the benefits, as nothing in life -- especially expensive health care procedures and medications -- comes for free. Someone, inevitably, is paying for it. Obama continued:

"Kids now stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26 years old, so that when our kids graduate from college, they won’t have to go without health care while they’re trying to find a job and build lives of their own.  And that’s how 2.5 million young people today are getting their coverage today.  (Applause.)  And since we passed this law, millions of our senior citizens have saved an average of more than $600 a year on their prescription drugs.

So let me ask -- will we take all those savings away?  Is that what we're going to do?"

The First Lady delivered these remarks at The Hilton Omaha Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska, where she also discussed "basic American values" and her husband's view that "everyone should do their fair share and play by the same rules."

In the end, the contraception mandate is not something that will be easily forgotten or ignored by religious freedom advocates. Already, the administration has been sued by faith-based universities and groups that do not wish to comply. As CNS News notes, Ave Maria University, Belmont Abbey College, and EWTN, are among those taking legal action to attempt to stop what they see as an unprecedented attack on religious freedom.

(H/T: CNS News)

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