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MSNBC's Martin Bashir: Is Romney Using His Wife's Cancer & M.S. to 'Close the Gender Gap?



MSNBC's Martin Bashir isn't a fan of Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney.

If the host's bizarre usage of the the Book of Mormon to chastise the candidate last week wasn't evidence enough, Bashir's new method -- questioning whether Romney is using his wife's Multiple Sclerosis and past cancer struggle to close the gender gap -- may be just enough evidence to corroborate his disdain.

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During a conversation about appealing to women voters on his program, the host posed a question to his panel, which was comprised of Democratic strategist Krystal Ball and Joy-Ann Reid, managing editor of TheGrio.com. Bashir chatted with the guests about Romney's alleged failure to court women properly.

"Joy-Ann, we know that Ann Romney has herself had some suffering in the form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), she's also suffered with breast cancer. Do you think that he's intentionally using her to close the gender gap?," Bashir asked. "Krystal [Ball] basically makes the point about which is basically that the president is so far ahead with women."

Oddly, Reid instantly answers with an "absolutely," and then launches into a monologue about Romney's failure to poll well among women.

Watch the discussion, below:

(H/T: Real Clear Politics)

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