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Fox News' Monica Crowley Apologizes for 'To a Man?' Tweet About Sandra Fluke's Engagement


"Regret my tweeted question caused a stir."

Fox News analyst Monica Crowley on Friday apologized for tweeting the news of Sandra Fluke's engagement with the comment, "To a man?"

Crowley Fluke tweetCrowley's initial post Thursday about the Georgetown Law student prompted a flurry of responses, including ones calling her "homophobic" and a "terrible person." She retweeted a few of them, and tweeted that she loves "exposing the Left's total lack of a sense of humor."

That came to an end Friday afternoon, however, when Crowley wrote: "Regret my tweeted question caused a stir. I certainly & unequivocally apologize to Sandra & anyone else I offended. Not my intention."

Fluke -- who gained instant notoriety when Rush Limbaugh termed her a "slut" after her congressional testimony about contraception access -- told the Daily Beast earlier this week she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend Adam Mutterperl.

Fluke responded to Crowley's tweet Thursday night on MSNBC's "The Ed Show," calling it "blatant homophobia."

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