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Scott Brown Sinks Impressive Half-Court Shot at Local Community Center


Former college basketball star Scott Brown (R-Mass) was visiting 3d grade students at Hyannis Youth and Community Center when the group seemingly decided to engage in some light basketball.

Reports say that several of the students, most of whom were from the nearby Barnstable Community Horace Mann Public Charter School, tried to sink the difficult half-court shot, but none succeeded.

That is, until Brown tossed the basketball underhanded and got nothing but the net.

While Brown is facing stiff competition from Elizabeth Warren, the students seem to favor Brown, jumping out of their seats in their excitement to give him high-fives after the difficult shot.

Unfortunately for Brown, though politicians often clamor for the "youth" vote, third graders don't make the greatest of voting blocks, unless they hold particular sway over their parents.

The video is impressive, nonetheless, and it certainly can't hurt him.  Perhaps Warren could raise her esteem with the children in an impressive game of dodge-ball?

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