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'F***king Bulls**t': Actor Jon Lovitz Doubles Down on His Anti-Obama Diatribe -- 'He’s President, Not King!\


"And I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat."

Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz caught international attention after he unleashed an expletive-driven commentary about President Barack Obama and taxation. In the wake of the media coverage of his controversial words on the matter, Lovitz has responded with surprise over the fact that his comments gained such intense media traction.

The actor responded to the controversy on Twitter, writing, "Because I criticized the President, it’s news? Last I checked, he’s President, not King! This is America! Freedom of Speech. what’s the bfd?"

Of course, the former "Saturday Night Live" cast member isn't considering the true noteworthiness -- at least from the perspective of intrigue -- of his comments. In an election year that is going to be centered -- at least a substantial portion of it -- upon economic issues, it is certainly interesting to hear a self-professed Hollywood Democrat chastise Obama.

In the original podcast that gained attention, Lovitz was anything but kind to the president. However, it was difficult to tell how genuine his words were. But his Twitter responses seem to showcase that he's standing by his original statements.

"This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is f***king bulls**t. And I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat. What a f***king a**hole," he said, going on to claim that Obama is lying. "I pay my fair share of taxes and so does everyone else I know who is in the same tax bracket."

Lovitz went on to interact with Twitter users over the weekend following his message about being surprised by the attention he's been given. Among his Tweets, he wrote about his definition of what it means to be a "liberal" and he said the economy is about "business and math" and not partisanship:

We'll leave you with audio of Lovitz's original comments (caution: language):

(H/T: Mediaite)

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