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Occu-nomics: May Day Protesters Try to Answer, 'What Is the Best Alternative to Capitalism?


"communism...socialism...bartering...gift economies..."

Throughout the Occupy movements confounding history, there have been only a handful of clear, universal themes that could be distilled from the otherwise cloudy, often co-opted, squatting menagerie.  For all their discussion of unity, this cabal of leftist students, wandering homeless, union members and violent offenders seldom agree on any one thing.  However, there is one rusty, iron theme that connects the loitering comrades from coast to coast: their collective rankle toward the current capitalist system.

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On Tuesday, The Blaze went down to Malcolm X park in Washington D.C. which played host to the much-touted Occupy May Day protests. We were interested in finding the answer to one question:

"So, what is the best alternative to Capitalism?" 

What we found, may hurt your mind.





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