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Occupy violence vs. Tea Party racism?


In case you missed it...

Last night on Hannity, conservative author Michelle Malkin went head-to-head with Fox News contributor Juan Williams in a debate over the Occupy Wall Street movement -- its organization, its violence, its lack of personal hygiene.  But Williams dared to compare the Occupy movement to the Tea Party movement and Malkin pounced.

“Do not slander,” Malkin sternly announced.  As Williams accused Tea Partiers of making “jokes about monkeys and the president," Malkin demanded names and proof.  “Name it or retract it, Juan.”

Here's the video, via Fox News and Mediaite:

For the record, I don't recall any stories about Tea Partiers being arrested for instigating violence. To date, however, there have been over 7,000 reported Occupy-related arrests.

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