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They've F**ked Us All': Shocking Review of Occupy, Progressive & Anarchist Training Manuals


There's even a children's book that's getting rave reviews from Bill Ayers!

In the wake of May Day demonstrations and the string of non-peaceful action that ensued across the country, The Blaze is providing a refresher course in the tactics used by progressives, anarchists, Occupiers, the 99% Spring and labor unions in their collective push to rise up against the 1%. What follows is a collection of some of the more interesting progressive handbooks to come to light.

The SEIU training manual

Outdated by nearly 30 years yet apparently still deemed relevant by its subscribers, the Service Employees International Union's (SEIU) training manual lays out in detail, a host of intimidation and pressure tactics members are urged to us against their perceived foes (in other words, any employer who resists their demands). The manual's existence was made public when it was entered as evidence during a court trial and exposes just how desperate SEIU organizers must be to retain their strangle-hold on both dues-paying members and employers alike. The Blaze reported on the manual's many anomalies back in July of 2011, and now the guide to pressure and intimidation is featured below in its entirety.  It's an exhaustive 70 pages and the scan's quality makes certain passages difficult to read, but the overall theme that emerges in the document is one of pure, unabashed manipulation -- and how to do so in the most effective way possible.

Among its instructions, SEIU details how legal, political, media and regulatory pressure can all be exploited to manipulate employers and help the union realize its goals. It encourages, in a not-so-subtle way, the blackmailing of employers with whom it disagrees by first damaging their reputations, and encourages placing "outside pressure" to jeopardize "relationships between the employer and lenders, investors, stockholders, customers, clients, patients, tenants, politicians, or others on whom the employer depends for funds.”

One of the most telling passages of the SEIU manual reads:

It may be a violation of blackmail and extortion laws to threaten management officials with release of ‘dirt’ about them if they don’t settle a contract. But there is no law against union members who are angry at their employer deciding to uncover and publicize factual information about individual managers.

Behold "Exhibit 8": The SEIU Training Manual.


The 99%'ers Occupy Wall Street Handbook

Another training manual to surface out of the array of leftwing demonstrations is the "99%'ers Occupy Wall Street Handbook" brought to you by "Anarchy Books and Renegade Publishing," the "Wake the F--ck Up" Company and the "Expose the Criminals Productions" -- all of which seem to be the brand of 9/11 conspiracy theorist (and ironically, "birther") Jeff Prager. While there is little personal information to be found on Prager, his Scribd page (linked above) reveals a paranoid if prolific author seemingly obsessed with Wall Street, Zionism, President Obama, American government's "purposeful" engineering of 9/11, the Occupy movement and corporate greed.

The manual begins with the line: "They've f**ked  us all" and seems to be particularly preoccupied with "pigs" a.k.a. police. Oddly, the creator lumps the police force in with Wall Street's 1%, essentially suggesting that the department comprises a band of wayward henchmen who roam the streets looking for innocent women (and apparently, grandmothers) to brutalize at the behest of their Wall Street overlords, a.k.a. "Illuminati gods." Sound inspirational?

You can guess where it leads next.  Below is the entire handbook for review.


The Occupy Handbook

Another book available for purchase is Janet Byrne's Occupy Handbook, which, according to its description, captures the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon "in all its ragged glory, giving readers an on-the-scene feel for the movement as it unfolds while exploring the heady growth of the protests, considering the lasting changes wrought, and recommending reform."

Framed as a "guide to the occupation," The Occupy Handbook claims to be a go-to source for Occupiers in their quest for knowledge and information on the greedy 1%.

The 99% Spring training manual

The 99% Spring has been careful to distinguish itself from the broader Occupy movement and released a training manual to explain its platform and further members' ends. The manual does seem to state that corporations, rather than the individually wealthy who comprise the 1%, should be targeted for non-violent resistance. MoveOn.org organized the training and some have observed that this might be one indication that the Democratic party is attempting to take over the movement.


Rebuild the Dream

While not specifically a training manual per se, a nod to Van Jones' new book, "Rebuild the Dream" bears mention as it is framed as a blueprint for the 99%. And of course Jones has been outspoken in his involvement in the 99% Spring movement.


The kids are alright...or maybe not

A review of anarcho-leftist training guides wouldn't be complete without mentioning the kids. A recently launched children's book on anarchy titled "A Rule is to Break" A Child's Guide to Anarchy" guides children on being their "best self" by breaking the rules. After all, those stifling, and in their view, personality-killing "adult rules" are frowned upon by anarchists. To give you an idea of its content, below is Bill Ayers' review on the book [emphasis added].

"... A delight to read! A children's book on anarchy seems somehow just right: an instinctive, intuitive sense of fairness, community, and interdependence sits naturally enough with a desire for participatory democracy, feminism, queer-rights, environmental balance, self-determination, and peace and global justice." - Bill Ayers / author ('To Teach: The Journey in Comics' and 'Fugitive Days'), teacher, Barack Obama’s alleged terrorist pal, and grandpa.

Sounds like the feel-good read of the day. Watch the video clip for a "A Rule to Break" below.

It should be noted that the examples featured above are merely a cross-section of the Occupy, Black Bloc/anarchist, 99% Spring and union training content available online. There are additional handbooks available in hardcopy format, but are mostly relegated to the confines of these organizing bodies.

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