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Caption that photo!: The Winner


We asked you on Friday to caption that photo of a happy Newt Gingrich and his rhinoceros friend.

The winner:

"Pictured: One big, FAT Rhino.

Pictured Opposite: A caged wild mammal." --THARPDEVENPORT


"Rhino to Newt: Hey buddy. Welcome to the retirement home for liberal Republicans…Where there’s nothing left for us to do but grow old and horny.” --KICKINBACK

"Like chicken? ...Really?" --GBTVFAN_NON_AMERICAN_OVERSEAS

"Dreams of my father." --BIKERR

"You sure he knows how to pay off campaign debt?" --PETER YOHANSEN

"Reflections." --SPIRITED

"Does this rhino make my butt look big?" --CYBERFLY

“Her name is Julia." --LCALLDAY

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