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Cali-Fait' Accompli?: Beck Explains Why the Caliphate Is Coming

Cali-Fait' Accompli?: Beck Explains Why the Caliphate Is Coming

It was predicted: The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and its goal of establishing a global caliphate. Now, something Glenn Beck and others who have paid careful attention to the Arab Spring have warned about may be coming to fruition. On Monday, The Blaze reported that during a rally for Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohammad Mursi, Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi spoke before an adoring crowd of thousands, proclaiming, “The capital of the United States of the Arabs will be Jerusalem." And this is not even a veiled reference to an authoritarian Islamic regime, as Higazi goes on to use the word "caliphate" specifically.

"We can see how the dream of the Islamic caliphate is being realized, God willing, by Dr. Mohamed Mursi,” Higazi promised the crowd. "Our capital shall not be in Cairo, Mecca or Medina." According to JPost, after hearing Higazi's bold declaration, Mursi, along with other Muslim Brotherhood officials nodded in agreement.

Watch below as Higazi declares his goals for a "United Arab States" in the form of an Islamic caliphate headquartered in Jerusalem. He vows the "martyrs" will march to al-Quds (the Arabic name for Jerusalem).

But this may not come as a surprise given that back in 2006, Israeli Radio reported that Israeli-Arab Islamic cleric Sheik Ra'ad Salah also proclaimed that Jerusalem would soon become the capital of an Islamic central-state.

On his Tuesday evening broadcast, Beck reminded viewers that he had warned a radical Islamic group bent on destroying Israel would seek the revival of a worldwide authoritarian regime based on Shariah law.

What's more, GBTV's unprecedented documentary, Rumors of War III, explained in painstaking detail, just how entrenched The Muslim Brotherhood is in American government. A full list of administration officials with these dubious family ties can be found here.

Meanwhile, Senator John Kerry, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other Obama administration officials have heartily maintained that a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood is imperative, even offering its members a seat at the political table. This comes of course after James Clapper made his now infamous declaration that, despite the religious reference in its very name, the Muslim Brotherhood is in fact, "largely secular."

Beck noted the oddity that while the Obama administration legitimizes the Muslim Brotherhood, there are still no pictures from the militant Islamist group's recent White House visit.

So while Israel is America's greatest ally, a group now embraced by the Obama administration unabashedly welcomes the displacement of Jews from their ancestral land, Jerusalem, to make way for the establishment of an authoritarian Islamic state that governs by Shariah law. Does that sound, in any way, shape, or form, "secular" to you?

Noting the irony, Beck said that the left silences those who attempt to warn Jews that 1938 is repeating itself, while at the same time "dumping miracle grow" on the seeds of anti-Semitism in the region. He added that the same leftists dismiss anyone who says these seeds could then sprout Nazis and Communists -- both of whom murdered Jews en masse. Such tactics  play directly as if from the Saul Alinsky handbook, according to Beck.

The Caliphate

While the words of the Islamic cleric featured above are obviously frightening, it is important to understand what the caliphate is, its place in Muslim society and its significance.

The cornerstone of Islamic theology, the caliphate, or khilafah, is the central, authoritarian government that was implemented after the death of the Prophet Muhammad by his disciples in 632 AD. It derives its authority from and governs by Shariah law, and is presided over by a "caliph," or "successor" who holds both legislative and spiritual power.

Per the tenets of Islam, this "state" is not limited to encompassing only Muslims across Muslim lands, rather, the goal is to ultimately establish a global caliphate that would mandate people of all walks embrace Islam and submit to being governed by Islamic law. The khilafah is also the form of government endorsed by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is why many, including Beck, are justly concerned over the Islamic group's rise to power and influence in American government.

In March 1924, reformer and president of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, constitutionally destroyed the "Khilafah State." Today, an organization dedicated to the reestablishment of a global caliphate, Khilafah.com, stated that Ataturk's move marked the end of "an illustrious era of Islamic rule" and that, since then, "the dark shadow of the West has engulfed the world."

To illustrate what Islamists believe regarding Islam and the caliphate, consider the following passage from their unified online voice:

We assert, without compromise, that it is only by the establishment of the Khilafah State, that the practical solutions of Islam can once again provide a real alternative for the entire world. The ‘Clash of Civilisations’ first discussed by Samuel Huntington is real and inevitable. We endorse the notion that there is a civilisational difference between Islam and the West and that the problem for the West is Islam and the problem for Islam is the West. By arguing this, we also maintain Islam, as a universal ideology, came for all of humankind, Muslim and Non-Muslims, and as such it is only Islam that serves as a Rahma (mercy) for all mankind.

Khilafah.com goes on to assert that "the only challenge" to encroaching Western dominance "must come from Islam."  Thus, to Islamists, the caliphate is vitally important in their fight against Western democracy and to ensure the adoption of Islam and the implementation of Shariah law across the world.

Those who closely follow the words and deeds of terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda will recall that establishing a global caliphate founded upon Islamic law has been among the militants' most fervently declared goals.

Writing for the New York Sun in 2005, Daniel Pipes noted that the Islamists who assassinated former Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat in 1981 adorned their holding cages with banners that read: "caliphate or death." He continued:

Bin Laden himself spoke of ensuring that "the pious caliphate will start from Afghanistan." His chief deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, also dreamed of re-establishing the caliphate, for then, he wrote, "history would make a new turn, God willing, in the opposite direction against the empire of the United States and the world's Jewish government." Another Al-Qaeda leader, Fazlur Rehman Khalil, publishes a magazine that has declared "Due to the blessings of jihad, America's countdown has begun. It will declare defeat soon," to be followed by the creation of a caliphate.

While some might argue that there is a difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and state-recognized terrorist organizations, consider that the Brotherhood is no innocent lamb. Founded by an Adolf Hitler admirer, the Islamic militant group is the predecessor of Hamas, Hezbollah and even al Qaeda, and is often cited as a parent to each of the terrorist groups.

In a previous Blaze article, I wrote that one of the reasons some believe the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate group is via its seemingly extensive community service work. It operates under the veneer of a socially-conscious organization focused on youth-outreach, school and mosque development, and even the coordination of sporting events for the "good" of the community.

Once examined under a more discerning lens, however, the true colors of the Muslim Brotherhood emerge. Of the militant Islamist group's dual identity, scholar Martin Kramer stated:

“On one level, they operated openly, as a membership organization of social and political awakening. Banna preached moral revival, and the Muslim Brethren engaged in good works. On another level, however, the Muslim Brethren created a ‘secret apparatus’ that acquired weapons and trained adepts in their use. Some of its guns were deployed against the Zionists in Palestine in 1948, but the Muslim Brethren also resorted to violence in Egypt.

Kramer goes on to explain that the Brotherhood enforced their own moral teachings "by intimidation, and they initiated attacks against Egypt’s Jews.”

When viewed through its proper context and history, it becomes clear that the caliphate, and the Muslim Brotherhood's support of its establishment, is nothing to turn a blind eye to. Yet little information will be provided by mainstream media relating to these important developments.

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