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Limbaugh Launches 'Rush Babes for America' Campaign...for Conservative Women


"There are many, many more of you than there are of them..."

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Rush Limbaugh has launched a Facebook page titled "Rush Babes for America" dedicated, according to the site, "to the millions of conservative women who know what they believe in: family, American values, and not being told by faux feminist groups how to think."

A play on the idea of "Rush Babies," or people who grew up listening to the program, the page had nearly 10,000 "likes" roughly an hour after its first post.

"As you know," Rush explained, "sometime later this month, the femi-Nazis are going to be working with Media Matters for America and kicking off some giant program, some coordinated plan, to have me taken off the air under the premise that women hate this program, and that this program is an unfriendly environment for women, and that this program laughs at, impugns, [and] makes fun of women."

He added, "I know that there are a number of you women in this audience who are fed up with hearing that Republicans want to take away your birth control."

After saying that the whole "war on women" controversy was just a "distraction [to] get people [to not] pay attention to Obama's dismal economic policies and their results," Limbaugh further explained why he is starting the page, and why he sees existing women's groups are inadequate.

"[They] claim to represent all women, and in reality they represent a tiny number of highly-agitated activist types-- basically miserable and unhappy women, for whatever reason.  And they've turned them into liberal activists and agitators and community organizers.  So I wanted to come up with a contrast to the NAGs [National Organization for Gals], to the NOW [National Organization for Women] gang...start this group dedicated to the values that most women hold dear: family, the American values of the founding, freedom, and capitalism, and most important of all-- not being told by anyone else how or what to think."

Rush's spokesman, Brian Glicklich, echoed that sentiment.

"NOW does not represent millions of women who have a principled opposition to it's agenda," he told The Blaze in an email. "'Rush Babes for America' is a reminder of how large and powerful a bloc conservative women are."

You can hear Limbaugh's entire explanation of the new page, below (via

Limbaugh explained the idea behind the page is to post relevant stories and allow fans to discuss them.  More than that, though, the page is meant to prove that there are countless conservative women who find the notion that Republicans are launching a "war" on them outrageous, and they will gladly join what many liberal women would deem an inappropriately titled group by an anti-woman Republican.

The first post on the page reads:

Bill Maher can go out and he can attack conservative women all day and he can call them the most disgusting names, and the National Organization for Women will not condemn him. They will not condemn President Obama for accepting a million-dollar donation from Bill Maher. See, Bill Maher's a liberal. Bill Maher is a liberal comedian on an approved pop-culture television network, HBO, and so he must be protected, he must be supported.

So Bill Maher can run around and conduct his own War on Women, as long as it's against conservative women.

That was in response to this tweet by Maher:

Limbaugh concluded:  "What of all you women who seemingly don't exist to the media, to the National Organization for Women?  There are many, many more of you than there are of them-- and Rush Babes for America at Facebook is where you go to be officially counted and tabulated and..." he concluded sarcastically, "to make a difference."

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