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Actual College Protester: Paul Ryan Not Really a Catholic Because He Believes 'You Can Determine Your Own Fate


"against Christ's teachings"

On April 26th, Catholic Congressman Paul Ryan gave an impassioned speech to students of Georgetown University, defending his budget and championing the principles of fiscal conservatism.  The Blaze went down to interview some of those taking part in the highly publicized protests of the budget chairman's appearance on the campus.  There, we found a gaggle of Georgetown students, holding a sign that read "Stop The War On The Poor: No Social Justice in The Ryan Budget."

The students had held the sign for over 45 minutes inside the auditorium where Ryan's lecture was taking place.  Once they moved outside The Blaze asked the question begged by the sign: "What makes the Ryan budget so antithetical to Catholic doctrine?"  

One student-protester (far right, above picture) had a very hard time finding the words to defend her position that Ryan wasn't a real Catholic, but insisted it was because he believes in "individualism" and that you"can determine your own fate."

Watch the confusing, stream-of-conscious below (which also includes a statement that the poor don't have "dignity"):

Stay tuned tomorrow for The Blaze‘s full report on the Georgetown/Paul Ryan Budget protests.

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