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Too Pornographic': Canada's New Twenty Dollar Bill Under Fire For Unusual Reason


"Has three topless women prominently displayed..."

In a charged not often leveled against federal currencies, Canada's new $20 bill is being deemed "too pornographic" by focus groups, while others are saying the prominently displayed buildings too closely resemble the Twin Towers, unless you look closely.

What is the bill really depicting?

The note is actually said to display the Vimy Memorial in France, which, in typical French style, has three topless women prominently displayed.

While they are meant to represent peace, justice, and hope, respectively, some think the statues just look inappropriate when viewed in two dimensions.

Yahoo explains:

It isn't just Canadians who are pointing out these images. The story was picked up by the Daily Mail in England [which] wrote, "Canadians have been left confused over the country's new $20 bill, which some have said appear to feature three naked women and the World Trade Center towers."


In addition to people seeing a sex toy on the $100 bill, some have seen a skull and crossbones on the $50. The Bank of Canada will be unveiling new redesigned polymer $5 and $10 bills by the end of 2013.

Which leaves many asking-- who in the world has been designing Canada's currency?

But to be fair-- it probably doesn't help that many of the interviewed had no idea what the Vimy memorial was, or why it was featured on their $20 bill.

While the note is meant to "(evoke) the contributions and sacrifices of Canadian men and women in military conflicts throughout our history," it seems to be evoking controversy instead.

Do you think there's anything inappropriate about Canada's new $20, or are some Canadians being a little over-sensitive?

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