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Was Romney Ahead of the Curve on Muslim Brotherhood? Beck & Co-Hosts Think He Just Might Have Been


At least he won't appoint members of MoBro to the Department of Homeland Security!

Say what you will about Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck and his radio co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere gave the GOP presidential candidate kudos on Wednesday for having predicted the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood as much as five years ago. They also said that Romney is on the right side of this issue and "won't throw Israel under the bus."

Citing a clip from 2007 in which Romney said he wouldn't buy into the liberal narrative that the war on terror hinges on one enemy, Osama bin Laden. Rather, the former Massachusetts governor said that the nation must be mindful of all militant Islamic groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, who are seeking the destruction of the West.

Beck and his co-hosts noted that it was a "really good" moment for Romney, and the fact that his statement is five years old might even make it all the more impactful.

"He knows the Middle East" and "he knows what's going on," Beck said of Romney. He added that while he doesn't know precisely what a President Romney would do to address the problem with Iran, he does know that Romney "won't throw Israel under the bus."

"And I know he's not going to appoint Muslim Brotherhood to the Department of Homeland Security."

The topic then turned to Iran and what the current options are for thwarting the country's nuclear ambitions. Some have even suggested deploying an EMP, which, given the device's devastating capabilities, the crew thought was a fairly monstrous option.

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