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For Greater Glory': Religious freedom vs. Hollywood


In a new interview with CNS News' Terence Jeffrey, actor Andy Garcia speaks candidly about the release of his upcoming film, "For Greater Good," an historical drama about the true-life struggles of the Cristeros -- a group of citizens who took a heroic stand for religious freedom in Mexico 90 years ago.

The movie, which also stars Peter O'Toole and Eva Longoria, is "a completely independent film," Garcia says. "It is being distributed independently and it's being financed independently."


"For Greater Glory is A Man for All Seasons of the 21st Century," Jeffrey writes.  "In the mid-20th century, however, Hollywood not only made A Man for All Seasons, it gave it the Academy Award for Best Picture.  In 2012, no Hollywood studio would touch For Greater Glory. They would not make it. They would not distribute it."

“It’s a fight for religious freedom, but really a greater umbrella it sits under is the concept of absolute freedom,” Garcia told “There are countries all over the world right now that are still fighting, in the middle of a fight for those rights, and people have been deprived of those rights.

“We have to remind ourselves that these are precious things that we enjoy here in America, but these rights were fought for here also and that we need to preserve them,” Garcia said.

Watch the full interview here.

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