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Proof of an Alien Cover-Up? YouTube User's Wild Theory That NASA Is 'Trying to Stop Us From Looking at the Sun


"It will take several days to return to normal science operations."

Last week, UFO enthusiasts claimed they had -- again -- spotted an alien spacecraft flying near the sun. As these sightings are frequently written off with "simple explanations," one rather interesting enthusiast is now accusing NASA of a cover up involving the giant ball of gas.

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The Daily Mail reports YouTube user "rob19791" posted a video on May 5 based on images from NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory taken on May 3. The video shows an object passing above the sun. A couple days later, he alleged observation data of the sun, which is continually being beamed from SOHO to Earth, had been missing since May 4.

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NASA posted a notice on the web page that hosts the latest images from SOHO saying no data would be available as it was undergoing "Emergency Sun Reacquisition." It should be noted that reports state SOHO went into this mode on May 4, whereas SOHO's website says it entered this mode on Wednesday, May 8. Here is the message currently posted on SOHO's website:

NOTE: LACK OF DATA UPDATES. SOHO went again into "Emergency Sun Reacquisition" (ESR) mode on Wednesday, May 8, 2012 at 20:34 UT. The ESR was again caused by a false trigger of the Coarse Sun Pointing Attitude Anomaly Dector. We are working on the recovery of the spacecraft to normal mode. It will take several days to return to normal science operations.

For rob19791, this message is code for cover-up:

"This is a cover up to prevent us from seeing these things again. NASA must have seen this video and started making plans to change the way you and I are allowed to view it."

"I think this is proof that NASA are covering this up.

"NASA are clearly trying to stop us [from] looking at the sun."

Watch rob19791's May 7 video in which he explains his conspiratorial theory:

Here's the original video from SOHO data that rob19791 uploaded to YouTube May 5 (two days after the data was posted on SOHO's website) in which he thinks he spotted a UFO:

SOHO was launched in 1995 as a collaborative effort between NASA and the European Space Agency to study the sun, its corona and outer atmosphere. The project was only supposed to last two years, but it has since remained in space observing the sun and providing researchers with data about solar storms and how they can affect Earth.

Have any theories of your own?

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