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You're Fu**ed': Famed Beach Boys Singer Says 'Obama's an A**hole


"Our guy isn't any good."

One of The Beach Boys isn't getting a good vibration from President Barack Obama. In fact, according to Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, Americans will be "f**ked" if the president wins reelection this year, popular Hollywood blog TMZ reports.

Johnston made his feelings towards the Obama administration known while he was signing autographs in New York:

"Obama's an a**hole," Johnston said. When those around pushed back on his comments, he responded, "Unless you're interested in never having any money and being socialized."

Johnston also had a few words for the presumed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney: "And who's the Republican a**hole?"

"Our guy isn't any good," he added."You got Reagan and Tip O'Neill...those are the last two good guys," Johnston added.

And when one nearby fan expressed his support for President Obama, Johnston wasn't having any of it.

"Wait 'til Obama doesn't have to try anymore," Jonhston said, "you're f**ked."

Indeed, God only knows what will happen then.

This story has been updated.

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