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N.Y. Senator: Celebrate Mother's Day by...Donating to a Pro-Choice Group


"I can’t think of a better way to honor all the mothers in the country..."

In what many on the right are interpreting as contradictory and self-defeating, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York reportedly sent out an email to her followers yesterday urging them to donate to EMILY's List-- a pro-choice political action group-- for Mother's Day.

Life News has the relevant passages:

"This Mother’s Day, I can’t think of a better way to honor all the mothers in the country — past and present — than with a contribution to EMILY’s List...They’re the ones working tirelessly to elect the pro-choice Democratic women who are making sure that our freedoms are protected for generations to come.

“So, this year, join me in commemorating Mother’s Day with a contribution to EMILY’s List to help elect the Democratic women who will continue to secure our rights...On Mother’s Day, let’s get women involved and make sure they know who is truly fighting for them – the pro-choice Democratic women EMILY’s List is working each day to elect to office. Make this Mother’s Day extra special. Honor mothers around the country with a contribution to EMILY’s List" [Emphasis added].

The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez from National Review Online also received the email, writing: "[Senator Kirsten Gillibrand just sent me an e-mail soliciting a donation for EMILY’s List for Mother’s Day..."

"As someone grateful I got the chance to live, donating to a political action committee dedicated to electing supporters of legal abortion to public office definitely seems off-message for the day," she continued.

Similarly, Doug Powers wrote on Michelle Malkin's site: "What’s next, Senator? A pitch for donations to the King George III Foundation on the 4th of July?"

The Washington Examiner said Gillibrand opened the email by speaking of-- of all things-- her two children.

"I've said it before: as the mother of two young boys, finding the right balance between work and family isn't easy...But we do it, we figure it out, because it's our children -- our nation's future -- that we're all fighting for every single day."

So you're fighting for the children, by fighting for the right to abort them, critics ask?

While many have resigned themselves to the "pro-women" argument often asserted by pro-choice activists, is the "pro-motherhood" declaration a bit of stretch?  A little too contradictory to be feasible, or will it prove to be effective?

(H/T: Hot Air)

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