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Real News From The Blaze:' Obama Calls for More Stimulus - Good Medicine or Insane?


With the nation's economy hurting and its spirit challenged, a nervous incumbent President Barack Obama appears to be retreating to economic stimulus by issuing a multibillion-dollar "to-do list" for Congress to create jobs.

The Washington Times reports that the president’s list includes an expanded program to help homeowners refinance their mortgages, a proposal to give small businesses tax breaks for hiring more workers, a program that would help veterans find jobs, and an extension of tax credits for clean-energy companies. Sound familiar? Well that's because the up to $34.7 billion in proposals on the president’s list are part of a more comprehensive $447 billion jobs package that Congress has mostly resisted.

Are these the right kind of solutions for the problems America faces right now? Isn't such large scale federal spending and tax breaks part of the reason we are in a hole in the first place?

On "Real News" Monday Will Cain broke down where the U.S. Economy has gone since President Obama took office, what he has done to address these problems, and whether we're now seeing calls for a repetition of the same policies that have failed to curb decline.

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