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The Amazing Golf Shot from This Weekend That Made a Commentator Swear on Live TV


If you watched sports news at all this past weekend, you couldn't have missed video of Kevin Na. He's the Korean-born golfer who moved to the U.S. at eight-years-old that has a hard time stepping up to the ball and hitting it. Seriously, he had to be scolded by officials at this weekend's Player's Championship for taking too long to pull the trigger. But did you see his unbelievable shot from a cart path that made an NBC commenter swear on live TV?

If you watch the video below, you can see Na's jitters and the commentator's disbelief (which results in an audible "shi*"). It happened during Na's second shot at the 18th hole. In short, he ripped an insane "fairway" wood off the cart path:

And just in case the suspense didn't kill you in the first video, here's some more of Na's jitters:

And yes, he did get heckled for it (and for putting plenty of balls in the water during his round):

(H/T: Business Insider)

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