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Terrorized': Uses Romney Bully Incident To Show What He Would Do to America & the '99%


"what kind of man he is—and what kind of president he would be"

The election politics of 2012 has already turned into a class warfare fistfight.  Now, George Soros-funded is attempting to hype a controversial incident where a young Mitt Romney bullied prep school classmate John Lauber. The bulling story from nearly 50 years ago was first reported in the Washington Post, but has been seized upon by the staff at as the quintessential defining moment in Romney's past, as displayed in their latest email:

"Every once in a while a story comes along that captures a candidate and what he represents. And The Washington Post just did that by revealing a dark incident from Mitt Romney's past."

The MoveOn email then compares Lauber's struggle to that of the infamous Occupy 99%:

"The right-wing media is pushing the Romney campaign's spin that this bullying story is nothing... Because after 48 years one thing hasn't changed for Romney: there are people who count and people who don't, like young John Lauber, or the 99% of us who get beat up by Romney's policies."

Still, it admits Romney does have a good chance for victory in November:

"Why does this matter? Because Romney's ahead of Obama or running even in the latest polls and has a real good shot at winning.  And that's before conservative super PACs will spend an unprecedented $300 million to tear Obama down."

(Side note: spent $138 million dollars since 2004 attacking Republicans.) then pleads with its supporters to write letters to their local newspapers to run the bulling story again and again:

"So we need Americans to think about the light this story sheds on Romney today. But with the Romney camp and their Fox News friends trying to get the media to shrug this horrifying incident off as youthful hijinks, it's going to take thousands of us, across the country, writing to our newspapers about why this matters."

It goes on to define Romney's policies in class warfare rhetoric:

  • The wealthiest 1% deserve bigger tax breaks, while people who rely on Social Security and Medicare should have their benefits cut.
  • Wall Street executives deserve a bailout, not prosecution, for crashing our economy; while auto workers should face unemployment, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.
  • Trust-fund kids, like Romney, deserve the best education money can buy, while lower-income kids should have Pell grant funding slashed.


And to ensure it doesn't let a metaphor go to waste, closes by asserting Mitt Romney will be the kind of President to hold down and bully America:

"Mitt Romney thought he was teaching Lauber a lesson when he held him down to cut off his hair. Instead, it's a lesson for all of us about what kind of man he is—and what kind of president he would be."

The e-mail, of course, ignores the fact that the family of the bully victim has come out to say there are facts being misrepresented.

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