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F**k the Police': First Wave of Anti-NATO Protests Hit Chicago


"You're not even from Chicago. What are you doing here?"

Note the red and black flags

Chicago isn't exactly a hotbed of homespun America and apple pie motivated sentiment. But apparently even the residents of Chicago have limits regarding what they'll tolerate in their neighborhood. And one of those limits is, apparently, anarchist and communist protesters.

Today marks a moment when radical Leftist anti-NATO demonstrations in the city, affiliated with "Occupy NATO," are hitting their stride. And as with all Leftist demonstrations, black bloc tactics are involved. To that end, a group of masked thugs from the protests went to the trouble of taking over Chicago's Halsted Street, even going so far as laying down in front of a police station.

This did not sit well with the neighbors. A video posted today at shows increasingly agitated residents of the city of Chicago reacting as only Chicagoans can react to the antics of these protesters.

One such person, after apparently being accused of racism by a protester, defiantly yells back "I'm a racist! F**k you! F**k everyone!" Another, meanwhile, says incredulously about the organizers of the protest, "You're not even from Chicago! What are you doing here?"

Intercut with the clips are shots of breathtaking displays of public disorderliness, including protesters swarming the Chicago subway (some of whom are wearing black scarfs over their faces), and screaming obscenities at the police. Others go so far as blocking cars with street signs while hooting.

Perhaps most hilarious of all, there are a few shots of members of the National Lawyers' Guild (an organization which was noted for being a communist front group as far back as the 1950's) observing the proceedings, and describing the protesters as their "clients" even though these protesters are, presumably, paying them precisely no money.

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