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On Strike: Parisian Strippers Refuse to Stimulate Economy Until Pay Improves


You know the economy is bad when a nightclub can't afford to pay its “exotic dancers” to, uh, “dance.”

Performers at the infamous Crazy Horse nightclub in Paris are going on strike because they say their pay is “less than miserable.”

“The Crazy Horse, one of the most popular establishments of its kind in the world, said it was forced to cancel performances this week for the first time since the cabaret was created in 1951,” CNBC reports.

Here's a wholesome picture of a cotillion. It's like a cabaret show, except that it's the exact opposite.

A spokesperson for the nightclub declined to comment on the details of the salary demands but said that they take the “well being” of their “artists” very seriously and that they are currently working to resolve the conflict.

"It's an exceptional place which has the specialty of presenting a fully naked show," Suzanne, one of the dancers, told RTL radio.

"What's wrong is that we are asked to work 24 days per month for a pay that is worse than miserable," she said.

Well. At least we know Suzanne has standards.

"Everything is done to give the Crazy Horse show back to its public," the cabaret's management said.

However, until the dispute is resolved, people with tickets are going to have to wait until things blow over or get a refund, a spokeswoman said.

“The Crazy Horse, Lido and Moulin Rouge -- where topless dancers perform in carefully orchestrated shows -- have been top attractions for generations of tourists and locals,” CNBC reports.

Huh. We knew the eurozone economy was bad but not this bad. Actually, now that we think about it, this might actually force EU politicians to get serious about their deficits.

Way to go girls!

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