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Real News From The Blaze:' What Will Happen If Greece Leaves the Eurozone?


The situation in Greece could be heading from bad to worse, leaving the eurozone and the global economy on the edge of their seats. After electing a majority of far left followed by far right candidates in the first round of elections earlier this month, last-ditch efforts to form a governing coalition fell apart early this week leaving the country in uncertainty until new elections next month. When a party eventually takes a majority they will be able to make a decision on either accepting the terms of a EU bailout, or taking leave of the Eurozone. Some observers have come to the conclusion that Greece will inevitably leave and it will be better for everyone, others worry that a contagion will follow a Greek exit where then Portugal, Spain and Italy are next effectively dissolved from this one currency experiment tipping Europe into depression.

On "Real News" Wednesday Will Cain illustrated the domino effect that could play-out in Europe should Greek exit the Eurozone. Veronique de Rugy of George Mason University joined the panel to discuss whether the Eurozone would be able to hold on with the exit of struggling EU members.

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