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ABC: Is Obama America's First Amish President?


"Obama also said he is 'too long-winded' to use Twitter and likes to 'tape' things"

Though the article passed relatively unnoticed after its original publication on Tuesday, ABC is rhetorically asking on its Facebook page today whether Barack Obama is the country's first-- you'll never guess it-- Amish president.

Why?  Apparently, because his daughters are only allowed to use their cell phones on weekends, are banned from Facebook, can't watch TV, and are only allowed to use the computer during the week when they have to do homework.  Obama also said he is "too long-winded" to use Twitter and likes to "tape" things on "this—what's it called, DVR."

Clearly a play on being named America's "first gay president" by Newsweek, ABC has seemingly only forgotten that a) the Amish live nothing like Obama, and b) the administration has actually caused some problems for the Amish in America.

This past June, for instance, a group of Amish men were sent to jail after refusing to mark their buggies with reflective triangles, and last April the Feds concluded a year-long sting operation against an Amish man who had the audacity to sell his unpasteurized milk locally.

Newsbusters' Tim Graham aptly concluded, "Earth to ABC: the Amish generally prohibit power-line electricity -- all the time, not just on the weekends."

Not to mention, "Can you imagine Michelle Obama churning butter in a frock and a bonnet?"

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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