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Caption that photo!: The winner


We asked you yesterday to caption that photo of a very Dairy Queen Joe Biden.

The winner:

"To further prove he’s not homophobic Joe proudly has two same flavor cones in a Dairy Queen."-- CANE4U


"Lady Stupidity."-- KANKOKAGE

“My mother believed and my father believed that if I wanted to work for Dairy Queen, I could. I could be Soda Jerk.”-- TROLL TRAINER

“Before we start, I’d like to thank Dairy Queen and Dr. Pepper for coming out here.”-- PETER YOHANSEN

“Oh give me a f***ing break, just take it.”-- GBTVFAN_NON_AMERICAN_OVERSEAS

“Guess what I got! Three letters. Ice cream!”-- LCALLDAY

"Who ordered the Caucasian?"-- DTHOMPSON579

"The one in my left hand is almost gone; the one in my right hand hasn’t been touched. Another sign that the right is out of touch!"-- BIKERR

"Quick, lick it before it drips. No Travolta, I was talking about the ice cream cone!”-- JAKE IN DENVER

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