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Human Rights Expert Details Horrific Forced Abortion & Infanticide Procedures in China


"Actually you should have punctured the fetus' skull."

Accuracy in Media's investigative video team put together a fascinating video discussion with Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF). The non-partisan, international coalition works to prevent forced abortion and human trafficking in China.

During her sit-down interview, Littlejohn discussed China's infamous one-child policy, sterilizations, forced abortion and infanticide. While these elements are troubling, they are a part of daily life for Chinese men and women forced to live under sometimes brutal circumstances.

Littlejohn described the startling 13 million abortions that allegedly occur in China each year. This shocking number ends up being 35,000 babies aborted per day (nearly 1,500 procedures being conducted each hour). She also described the horrific mandate that women face to undergo forced abortions -- sometimes up to the ninth month of their pregnancies.

When women decide to run away in an attempt to save the life of their unborn children, government officials sometimes turn to violence against loved ones to convince the women who are hiding out to follow through with their abortions. In one particularly gruesome example, Littlejohn provides a story that seems practically incomprehensible in an modern-day society.

Listen to the lawyer and human rights expert discuss these tragic details, below: (caution: graphic images and content):

During her discussion, Littlejohn mentions a document that purportedly comes from a web site discussion portal designed for Chinese gynecologists and obstetricians. Under a thread called, "What if the infant is still alive after induced labor?," these medical professionals share a disturbing dialogue.

The discussions, which apparently occurred between April 13 and April 28, 2009, shed light on the tragic situation families face in the Asian nation. Here are just a few snapshots from the translated discussions that unfolded between health officials:

You can see the rest of the comments in the aforementioned document, here. While some professionals weren't willing to compromise values on infants' lives, others clearly were. In the end, China's troublesome policies, especially in light of anti-abortion advocate Chen Guangcheng's arrival in the U.S., are certainly a noteworthy subject deserving of increased exploration.

(H/T: Accuracy in Media)

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