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The problem with the GOP's MIA health care plan

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A new editorial from the Washington Examiner today makes a very important point: When it comes to health care, the GOP is modeling Democrats' budget plan -- that is to say, they have no plan -- and that's a problem:

Although it is reasonable for Republicans to wait for next month's Supreme Court ruling before they proceed on health care, a strategy of providing no replacement for Obamacare whatsoever would be very unfortunate. It would mean that Republicans are pursuing a similar strategy on health care to the one Democrats are pursuing on the budget.

We have repeatedly criticized Democrats in this space for not offering a long-term plan to reform entitlements and balance the budget. Their cynical strategy is to avoid doing anything, so as to keep a free hand to attack Ryan's budget proposal. And that is quite similar to what Republicans are doing on health care -- offering vows to repeal Obamacare as a substitute for real health care solutions.

Even if Obamacare is wiped off the books entirely, America's health care system will remain as dysfunctional as it was before the bill passed. Conservatives must not shy away from fixing it the right way, or else Democrats will surely pass another misguided, government-based health care bill within a generation.

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