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Beck Breaks Down Why Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Won't Help Him

Beck Breaks Down Why Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Won't Help Him

President Obama's recent declaration (and, flip-flop) supporting gay marriage seems to many to be a desperate display of pandering to a given demographic solely for political gain. When the stats are reviewed, however, it is difficult to see just what that political gain might be. Still, with the NAACP and leftists around the country championing same sex marriage as the "civil rights" issue of our time, the mainstream media will likely carry the water for the president's campaign once more -- this time by claiming that gay marriage is an issue of greater concern to Americans than statistics actually prove it is.

On his Tuesday evening program, Glenn Beck broke down the issue of same-sex marriage as it relates to the 2012 election, explaining why the president's newfound stance on the issue may not even help him gain crucial swing states. Beck noted that only two -- Colorado and New Hampshire -- have held favorable views on  gay marriage. Looking back, swing states in 2008 including Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Florida and North Carolina, all opposed gay marriage by as much as 30 percentage points each. Add to this the fact that a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll released Tuesday reveals that 62 percent of voters said candidates’ positions on same-sex marriage make no difference to them, nor would it factor into their ultimate decision as to who they choose to vote for.

The polling data includes 75 percent of independents, 76 percent of moderates, 81 percent of African Americans, and 65 percent of residents in the Midwest. In turn, only a mere 17 percent said they are more likely to support President Obama over the position, while 20% said they are more likely to support Romney.

The figures will not dissuade the media from supporting the president on this issue. MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin even admitted on national television that despite the facts and figures, the media will still rally to Obama's defense.  But "if you listen to the press they will have you believe just about any lie that they can," Beck quipped.

What's more, Beck noted that in every state where same-sex marriage amendments have been listen on the ballot, voters have stricken down the measure each time. Often, African Americans and Hispanics are among the demographics that hold the least-favorable views on same-sex marriage.

"The president's pandering for donations might not be the home-run he thinks it is," Beck noted.

Ironically, Democratic pollster Jay Campbell noted that Romney's stance on same-sex marriage may have even helped him solidify support with the Republican base, particularly 62 percent of Evangelicals. Conversely, young voters, ages 18-34, might be the only exception, however, as nearly half say Obama's support for gay marriage reinforces their support for him.

 In other words, same-sex marriage is essentially a non-issue among voters, but if it were to effect change, it might do so in Romney's favor more than it would Obama's.

With similar polling data likely on hand prior to the president's announcement, it seems the Obama's only reason to declare his support for gay marriage was to distract from the economy and other issues that will be assailed by Republicans.

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