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Don't Miss The Connection: Obama 'Delivered' to Office by Black Panthers, Holder 'Owes Them Some Favors


"But this is white America, you don't get fairness."

The Blaze’s Erica Ritz contributed to this report

According to New Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz:

  • If Republicans win the White House, "There will be little mercy or no mercy on the New Black Panther Party"
  • The New Black Panthers "delivered" Obama into office
  • Obama "owes" the Black Panthers "some favors"
  • Obama and Holder showed the Black Panthers "mercy" in their voter intimidation case, where the DOJ controversially dropped charges against the group
  • Republicans are the "most powerful enemies in the world" and they "hate" the Black Panthers
  • Republicans will brand the Black Panthers "an official hate group, terrorists"
  • Does not know how much longer "President Obama and Eric Holder can hold out" in their favor.

Don't miss the connection.

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) chairman wants to remind Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama that their organization "delivered" the president and his administration to office.  The New Black Panthers, who recently espoused their desire to hang whites and openly meet with a Holocaust-denying terror regime, believes Obama and Holder "owes them" a few favors.

These new incendiary comments come from NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz on a radio show hosted by his National Field Marshal, King Samir Shabazz.  The two were having a discussion about what would happen to the organization were Republicans to win the election in November.  The outlook is not good.  According to chairman Shabazz, Republicans don't like the Black Panthers and would prefer to brand the organization a "hate group" that uses "terrorist" tactics.

That was disconcerting to the host of the show, King Samir Shabazz, who was prosecuted by  the Department of Justice two years ago over well-documented charges of voter intimidation.  These charges had subsequently been dropped by Eric Holder's Deputies, even though senior attorneys working on the case advised against it.  According to Chairman Shabazz, though, that action was "owed" to the Panthers because they "delivered" Obama to office. Still, he admitted the administration was showing the organization "mercy" and that Republicans have every intention to "re-open the case" against him and the NBPP if they gain the White House in 2012.

Ultimately, Shabazz calls Republicans "the most powerful enemies in the world" and predicts it won't be much longer that "President Obama and Eric Holder can hold out" against them.  But don’t worry Mr. President, the New Black Panthers have already decided to endorse you again this time around.

Hear the stunning comments below:


Key Shabazz quotes on the NBPP relationship with the administration:

  • [Interviewer] "With the Republicans taking many positions in the government now -- let's say that the Republicans finally take the presidential seat.  What happens to the New Black Panther Party when that takes place, when the Republicans take seat and just fill up the whole seat, all the seats?" 


  • [Shabazz] "There will be little mercy or no mercy on the New Black Panther Party.  [...] Any time you see a whole side of government pressuring a president of the United States to sanction and to attack a black radical organization, we really don't have no mass political support to say that they [the New Black Panther Party] delivered that man in the office, where if he would owe that group some favors -- I'm talking about Obama and us as the group."


  • "[The Democrats know] this is not fair to persecute [the Black Panthers] group and we're not going to back down even though it's hurting us politically, even though it's being used every day against us politically. That's what you call 'mercy.'  Really, it's fairness, which is what we deserve anyway. But this is white America, you don't get fairness."


  • "And so we have mercy, really, right nowWe will receive no mercy under these new enemies that are now taking over really right now and controlling the action.  When you control the House of Representatives you control the action, in terms of the Congress.  The legislation starts there, the investigations start there, all of the hearings, and all of that.  Even Obama now, he has to tap dance and cut a step for the Republicans now."


  • "While [the Republicans] were in the minority, they narrowly lost just a one-point vote on the New Black Panther case, which was to have a full-blown attack on the Justice Department and the Panther Party and all of that."


  • "Now they're in the majority and they control the majority of seats on the Judiciary Committee, and so we will see how it plays out.  They hate us, there's no doubt about it.  They hate us, and so we just have to be ready.  We have to be ready for war, man, and we have to be ready internally.  These are some high-level enemies that pull strings here, these people are not playing and they're not no lightweights."


  • "We are really now really locked in against the most powerful enemies really in the world, and to be honest, as small as we are, as strong as we are, we are damn near the most attacked -- I can't even say damn near -- we are, in all humility, the most attacked black organization and black leadership in black America right now, as we speak."


  • [Interviewer] "Could it be possible that they could reopen the case once a Republican president takes seat?  Could they reopen the case and recharge me for the entire case all over again?"


  • "That is one of their stated objectives -- not only to investigate so-called reverse racism in the case of problems with the Justice Department, or what they called politicizing the Justice Department, but also, in all serious reports online -- and I read them -- of just re-opening the case to attack the whole party."


  • "I know that they want more penalties and sanctions on the New Black Panther so they can officially say that we violated United States -- officially, nationwide -- have violated United States civil codes and civil rights law, and be officially branded as a hate group and other actions that they have to brand us, and to tie us into other so-called terrorist acts, and be part of terrorist categories of organizations."


  • "I don't really know, to be honest, whether President Obama and Eric Holder can hold out.  I mean, they held out long enough, but I don't know if they can hold out in this environment where they are seriously trying to make some concessions to the Republicans who whooped their asses in this midterm election."

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