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Hit Her Again!' Angry Video Shows S.C. Union Leader Smashing Gov. 'Nikki Haley' Pinata


"Wait until her face comes around, whap her!"


Amid calls for more civility in politics, the president of South Carolina's AFL-CIO has been caught on tape bashing a pinata with the face of South Carolina governor Nikki Haley as a crowd cheers and encourages her.

"She looks like a tough old girl, here" Donna Dewitt, the union official, says while adjusting the pinata for a perfect smash.

"Well, whack her harder!" says an unnamed voice.  "Wait until her face comes around, whap her!"

After the "head" spins from a direct hit, Dewitt lets out a "woop!" and the crowd yells: "Give her another whack!  Give her another whack!  Hit her again! Hit her again!  That one's for me!"

After the likeness falls onto a nearby table, Dewitt proceeds to bash it with her purple bat until it's flattened.

The national office of the AFL-CIO is not pleased with its South Carolina president, according to the Free Times.

“Do you think we can get this video pulled,” a national AFL-CIO official reportedly asked in an email to Palmetto State union sources.

Apparently, there were concerns it would be “picked up by tea partiers, maybe even Haley herself, to attack labor again.”

While the original video (which shows the metaphorical beating of the governor once she's down on the table) has been disabled by request, you can still watch it on YouTube.

Otherwise, here is a different angle that shows most of the event:

Seemingly oblivious to the desires of her union, Dewitt issued a comment to the Free Times: "[Haley] has been whacking at us since she realized how much money the business PACs can contribute in South Carolina...We felt justified in taking a whack back."


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