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Report: Fox's Roger Ailes Says Jon Stewart Basically Admitted to Him That He's a Socialist


"He hates conservative thoughts.  He hates conservative verbiage"

While no video has yet emerged of the newsworthy event, Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes gave a speech Monday night at Ohio University that has many in the media talking.

Interestingly, one of the only sources of information from the speech has been media lawyer and Harvard Law and Policy Review blogger Jonathan Peters, who live-tweeted the event.

Of all the tweets, one of the most interesting is this:  "Ailes: Jon Stewart is a comedian. He wouldn’t do well without Fox. And he basically has admitted to me, in a bar, that he’s a socialist." [Emphasis added]

Other memorable tweets included:

"Ailes: The New York Times is a [cesspool] of bias"

"Ailes: MSNBC is out of the news business.  Brian Williams, a sincere newsman, wouldn't want to be caught dead over there"

"Ailes: Media Matters writes all of the primetime programming for MSNBC.  All of it.  That's what a recently published book says."

"Ailes:  One thing that qualifies me to run a journalism organization is that I don't have a journalism degree."

Ailes hasn't been secretive about his feeling towards Jon Stewart, once saying: "He hates conservative thoughts. He hates conservative verbiage. He hates conservatives...he's crazy. If it wasn't polarized, he couldn't make a living. He makes a living by attacking conservatives and stirring up a liberal base against it."

But the "socialist" allegation is one that Stewart has long danced around-- more often than not, ridiculing people who refer to Obama and leading democrats as socialists.

Take this clip from The Daily Show, titled "Obama's Socialist Christmas Ornament Program," for instance:

While Ailes has seemingly backtracked on his insults of the New York Times, neither he nor Stewart have issued further statements on the matter.

In all odds, however, look forward to a well-formulated response on tonight's "Daily Show."

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