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16-Year-Old Conservative Girl Details Death Threats After Posting Gay Marriage YouTube Video


"If I'm young and I give into the left's agenda, I'm praised, but I'm young and I'm conservative, I'm evil?"

Madeleine McAulay, a sixteen-year-old Christian conservative from North Carolina, is speaking out today after receiving a litany of death threats and vile responses for publicly espousing her views on gay marriage.

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After North Carolina voted to define marriage as being between a man and a woman, McAulay made a YouTube video in which she lamented the left trying to make it a "fresh" political issue, where she noted that it is actually the 31st state to do so.

She continued:

I'm not going to lie.  I was a bit shocked to hear how [Obama] came to his conclusion for his support of gay marriage.

His daughters?

That's right, the president of the United States now looks to his young daughters to make major decisions-- and what I don't understand is that the president is being praised for listening to his young daughters and yet I, a sixteen-year-old, when I speak my mind I'm ridiculed by the left. 

This makes no sense. 

So let me just get this straight.  If I'm young and I give into the left's agenda, I'm praised, but I'm young and I'm conservative, I'm evil?  Hm.

Now I want to be clear.  I don't hate gay people, so stop trying to say that I do.  I simply believe that traditional marriage is the most productive way, and the Biblical way, to pursue a relationship...

Watch the entire clip, below:

McAulay soon wrote another article on the nature of the responses she received, saying, "Typically I would never post vulgarity on my blog, but the true colors of the Left need to be shown, especially considering this time it was directed at a minor.  So, here we go."

Here are some of the responses (Content warning):

“Hey, you really seem like one stupid c*nt. That being said, I’d still let you wrap yours lips around my c*ck.”

"This b*tch is Psycho!"

"A hate mongering bigot, she probably supports modern day slavery as well."

"The Palin legacy, people.....*sigh*"

"She's bats*it crazy!!"

"Hey I just met you and you are crazy, so here's a gun...please take off the safety"

Her video and the responses even attracted the attention of Fox News, where she was interviewed by Steve Doocy this morning:

"The hatred and the vile, vulgar, disgusting comments started coming in and over the past few days they have gotten totally extreme and completely inappropriate," McAulay said.

Doocy was inclined to agree, saying, "Well they are inappropriate, and I was looking at your website last night and there were some death threats there."

The two proceeded to talk about the young girl's future, which she says includes a book she was already writing on competition. She also hopes to someday work in media or, perhaps, run for office.


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