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Crazy Video: Chinese 3-Year-Old Is a Better Driver Than Most Adults

The definition of "riding dirty"

Imagine the following scenario: Your three-year-old child, riding nothing but a standard issue Big Wheel or toy bike, decides to take a jaunt on the open road and ends up in the middle of a busy highway intersection at Rush Hour, driving in the Bike Lane, only to attempt to cross that very intersection as buses and cars whiz past at far increased speeds and blind spots that could easily swallow the child's tiny frame.

Under most circumstances, you'd expect this story to end in a gory tragedy. Instead, the following video - captured on the Chinese Highway System by Russia Today - shows just such a pint-sized three year old deftly weaving between passing cars, motorcycles and even two full-size buses. Perhaps most adorably of all, the tyke appears entirely unperturbed by the experience after being returned to his grandfather by police:

Check out this still from the video depicting the kid on his bike, in a pose that can only be described as nonchalant:

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