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Couple's Amazing Wedding Photos Capture Tornado Swirling in the Background!


"It was very classic: boots, jeans, wheat and tornado."

Caleb and Candra Pence newly married pose for a photograph in front of a tornado only a couple miles away in Kansas. (Photo: Cate Eighmey via KWCH)

Some outdoor weddings are moved inside due to thunder and rain but the even more violent threat of a tornado wasn't about to stop this couple from tying the knot.

KWCH-TV reports groom Caleb Pence and bride Candra, who held a wedding in the town of Harper, Kansas, on Saturday, knew the tornado was a few miles away and not heading in their direction. As with any event that takes months of planning, the show must go on. Not letting the storm faze them, the newlyweds got once-in-a-lifetime wedding photographs.

KAKE (via ABC News) reported Caleb saying he wasn't concerned about the tornado as he had grown up with them his whole life. His bride, on the other hand, hails from Nebraska and hadn't seen one in person before:

"It was very classic: boots, jeans, wheat and tornado. You can't get any better than that for Kansas," [Caleb's mother Carla said.]

Here is footage of part of the ceremony and the tornado:

Check out this other version from a cousin in the family who seems a bit more worried than everyone else about the tornadoes:

Carla told KWCH, "this is just who we are -- wheat farmers who live in Kansas and we have tornadoes."

Although the tornado didn't put a stop to the wedding, it did damage a neighboring farm a few miles away.

The couple's photos have begun going viral with even the Weather Channel requesting the snapshots. The Pence's are now enjoying their honeymoon.

The videos in this post have been updated.

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