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Occupy Oakland Prevents City Vote on Weapons Ban by Disrupting Mtg: 'I Could...Kill You With a F***ing Pencil


"If you take away our shield, the only thing left is our second amendment right."

In typical Occupy fashion, members of Occupy Oakland successfully disrupted a meeting where city officials were considering an ordinance that would have banned demonstrators from using weapons such as clubs, hammers and shields.

During the meeting, demonstrators cursed, yelled and made statements that could easily be perceived as threats against city leaders.

Occupy protesters were reportedly concerned that a weapons ban would leave them defenseless against police violence. Local police were eventually forced to clear the City Council's public safety committee meeting, effectively preventing a vote on the measure. Three votes were needed to bring it before the full Oakland City Council.

The Oakland Tribune witnessed the mayhem:

While members of the group have disrupted previous City Council meetings, Occupiers were especially hostile during Tuesday's Public Safety Committee.

Several members cursed at Councilmember Pat Kernighan , the committee chairwoman and sponsor of the proposed ordinance. Others hinted at violence if the measure ultimately was approved.

"I want to tell you Pat Kernighan that I could walk up to you and kill you with a F_ pencil. Are you going to outlaw pencils?" asked an Occupy member who goes only by the name Stephanie.

Occupy Oakland videographer and member Jessica Hollie warned near the end of an expletive-laden speech, "If you take away our shield, the only thing left is our second amendment right."

But apparently the meeting got out of control after a final speaker began speaking critically of Occupy Oakland. The speaker argued that it was unfair that citizens have to put up with the "unruly" behavior that borders on "terrorism," according to The Oakland Tribune. At this, Occupy protesters began mocking and shouting him down.

Despite the toxic environment, law enforcement was reportedly able to clear the meeting without incident.

However, Occupy Oakland was not without support from city council members. Councilwoman Nancy Nadel said she would have voted down the proposed weapons ban and that an additional council member wanted to alter the ordinance.

"The most hurtful, violent behavior against people has been done by police," Nadel told The Oakland Tribune.

Councilmembers Nadel, Kernighan and Larry Reid could not be reached for comment.

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