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Occupy Anarchists in San Fran Post Video of Themselves Smashing Windows & Causing Mass Destruction

Occupy Anarchists in San Fran Post Video of Themselves Smashing Windows & Causing Mass Destruction

"a fascist street gang"

Over the past month, there's been a great deal of excitement in Occupy Wall Street circles surrounding a supposed resurgence. But following the much-heralded May Day, the promise of a more organized and massive cohort seems to be falling flat. As the movement claiming to embrace the thoughts, feelings and whims of the nation's 99 percent forges on, it's impossible to ignore the increasingly-violent and destructive factions that seem to be guiding -- at least a portion -- of Occupy-related activities.

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Now, a disturbing new video has emerged showcasing anarchists smashing and destroying property in San Francisco, California. And here's the most distressing part of the story: It was the villains, themselves, who proudly posted the video of their illegal and destructive actions on YouTube.

The San Francisco Chronicle has more about the events that are depicted in the footage:

An anarchist group has posted a video of the April 30 vandalism in San Francisco’s Mission District, showing dozens of black-clad, masked protesters calmly and collectively smashing windows, spray-painting symbols and throwing trash cans at police cars. [...]

In the video, protesters laugh and cheer as windows shatter and windshields are smashed. They move together in the middle of Valencia Street, chanting, “No more pigs in our community” and, “The system has got to die, hella hella Occupy” — a common chant among the Occupy Oakland movement.

About 100 protesters had split away at 9 p.m. from a rally in Dolores Park that was held in advance of Occupy’s May Day actions. Protesters caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage as they marched down 18th Street to Duboce Avenue and Valencia.

As the Chronicle notes, some business owners were less-than-content with the police response to the actions. Authorities were apparently trailing the protesters as they embarked on their 15-minute rampage throughout the city. But as the mass destruction unfolded, only one anarchist ended up getting arrested.

While Police Chief Greg Suhr says that authorities did their best to control the massive group and that it had disbanded by the time cops were able to take viable action, some feel as though the cops could have been more proactive.

Following the incident, blogger Zombie provided his assessment of the Occupy movement and of its anarchist adherents:

Occupy Wall Street’s mainstream defenders are trying desperately to distance themselves from the “Black Bloc” anarchists who by now have grown to become one of the largest, if not the largest, group comprising the Occupy movement. Without the anarchist Occupiers (such as the ones shown here) the movement would quickly disintegrate from lack of participants.

The problem for Occupy’s apologists is that this major sector of the movement has transformed into a fascist street gang, and have no intention of “toning things down.” Anyone who thinks that they are substantially different from the Brown Shirts terrorizing Munich in the early ’20s is fooling themselves. Heck the SA logo is even almost identical to the Black Bloc’s logo.

Watch the video, entitled, "Scenes From a Black Bloc" that was proudly posted to the "AnarchaLA" YouTube account (caution: language and disturbing themes):

Actions like these, while troubling, are nothing new for the Occupy movement. From alleged bomb plots to brick-throwing, the bizarre stories emerging from those who claim to be seeking economic justice are concerning.

Consider a meeting of city officials on Tuesday in Oakland, California, that was intended to explore whether an ordinance should be put in place to prevent protesters from possessing and using weapons in the streets. In typical fashion, Occupiers interrupted the event and prevented the discussion -- and the vote -- from taking place.

(H/T: PJ Tatler)

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