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Man Bound to Venezuelan Airport for Four Months Without Documentation Disappears


"airport sources do not know what happened to the passenger."

In a real life version of "The Terminal" where Tom Hanks stars as a man unable to leave the airport or return back home, a Sri Lankan man was served a similar fate in Venezuela. For four months he lived in Caracas' international airport, but he is now missing.

Fox News Latino reported last week that he was identified by the name Parameswaran, but other than that, little is known about him. Like Hanks' character, Parameswaran was not given a visa to enter Venezuela and he is unable to re-enter his country due to "armed conflict." Here's more on what's known of his case:

There is much confusion surrounding Parameswaran, including little knowledge and conflicting stories from various sources about the long journey that brought him to his current location at Maiquetia Airport. According to the Sri Lankan man, he arrived in Mexico six months ago but was deported to Venezuela. While no explanation has publicly been given as to why the man was deported and why, of all places, to Venezuela, an anonymous source at the airport is quoted as saying, "Someone made a mistake."

The man is receiving help from Conviasa airline workers, a human rights NGO, and Venezuelan immigration officials, who have provided him with a bed and food, but he is still unable to leave the terminal. To complicate matters, even if Venezuela chose to deport Parameswaran, there are no direct flights from Venezuela to Sri Lanka – the man would require documentation to pass through other countries first, which he is unable to easily obtain due to the fact that Sri Lanka does not have a consulate established in Venezuela that can help him.

Check out this YouTube video posted of him sitting at Gate 22 (Note: Audio is in Spanish):

Now, El Mundo (via Gizmodo) reports that Parameswaran can't be found. It states "airport sources do not know what happened to the passenger."

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