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We Finally Have a Document from Obama's College Years -- Sort Of


"Voting Rights"

There are many who thought this day might never come: we finally have a document from Obama's college years. Well, sort of. Let me explain before you look.

The website Buzzfeed has unearthed a copy of a syllabus from a class Obama used to teach at, presumably, the University of Chicago. So while it's not what many have been hoping for (transcripts from when Obama was taking classes), it is technically a document from his college years -- the years he was teaching.

The syllabus is for a class called "Voting Rights" from the winter of 2002. And guess what was required reading? The Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore about the 2001 election.

You can read the syllabus below, which also includes the quite plain email address for Obama: But don't try and email the president at that address -- I've already tried and it doesn't work:

Obama Voting Rights Syllabus

Now for those college transcripts...

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