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Democratic Rep. Claims Victimizing Women Is as 'American as Apple Pie


"I think people accept it."

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.)

A Democratic congresswoman claimed this week that victimizing women is practically a right of passage in the United States, and that doing so is even "as American as apple pie."

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), a victim of abuse herself, was recounting her reasoning for voting against the "fake" Violence Against Women Act reauthorization during a call in to Current TV's "Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller."

"Victimization of women is as American as apple pie. I think people accept it and men's right [of] passage, men's rights as boyfriends and husbands," Moore said.

First passed in 1994, the act has been reauthorized twice with little controversy. This time, however, the process has stalled after the Senate passed a version with added protections for gays, lesbians and transgender people; the authority for tribal courts to prosecute non-Indians for domestic violence that occurs on reservations; and an increase in the number of visas for illegal immigrant women who are the victims of abuse.

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The House of Representatives passed its own narrower version of the bill without those expanded protections, earning a veto threat from President Barack Obama. The Senate and the House have both essentially refused to consider the other chamber's version; the House has cited the fees associated with the immigrant visas, while the Senate has sought to paint the House as engaging in the "war on women" by not expanding the act's provisions.

Moore called the House's bill "very, very frightening" and told the story of her own rape, in which she said a young man came by her house to take her out and ended up raping and nearly choking her to death.

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