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Van Jones Slams the Tea Party Again: 'The So-Called Patriots...Smashing Down Every American Institution

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Van Jones, never one to hold back in his criticism of the Tea Party, said during a recent appearance that the movement and its "so-called patriots" are essentially out to destroy America.

The Washington Examiner reported Friday that the former White House green jobs czar's comments came during an anti-Gov. Scott Walker rally in Wisconsin on Sunday:

"At this point in this struggle, it's the so-called patriots who are the ones who are smashing down every American institution....It's the so-called patriots, the ones who come out here with their Tea Party and the flags and call themselves patriots -- they're the ones that are smashing down our unions, smashing down public education, smashing down every American institution that we built, and our parents built, and our grandparents built to make this country great."

Jones added that the Tea Party is trying to "take a wrecking ball -- and paint it red, white, and blue -- and smash down all the things our parents did for us."

He called for higher taxes on the wealthy to fund state programs, saying that it is "absurd" to believe that the United States or Wisconsin has a fiscal crisis. "You've got some rich folks in Wisconsin so rich, the Pharaohs are goin', 'Damn! Y'all came up!'" Jones said.

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